Import experiences

Product labels, user instructions, etc.,

The market shares are growing and there is an increasing variety of private label consumer packaged goods. It truly is a global phenomenon nowadays. As house cleaning and foods spices are a consumer product, information on product labels must be clear, our team must look more at the quality and compliance of what we are to safeguard both consumer and brand health...

Bestlife Trading is your best partner for the production of your companys private & premium brand in the house cleaning and foods spices industry. And we are confident enough to help your brand open new markets' in China mainland, our team of sales and marketing experts offers a full service from import,delivery and sale of the goods to clear and safe packaging possibilities and quick delivery.

Stock and Delivery

Due to the many years of experience we have gained in the meantime, the team of Bestlife knows exactly what the rules are and how to operate optimally in this complicated market. Through a strong affinity with loyalty, Bestlife is in the meantime excellently prepared to have products stock available for a longer period. Good communications with the clients and excellent logistic processes are the key words, 

for bringing this tough job to a good end.

Quality Control

These imported house cleaning and foods spices products when made poorly or when low grade materials have been used are a family and public health risk, common issues include sub-standard raw materials, omission of certain raw materials, cost cutting, use of recycled materials, etc.this issue needs addressing and the chaotic market given some clear quality levels to allow business and consumers to make an informed choice on what products they buy. For this reason, our company places an emphasis on this requirement, which in turn helps corporations in protecting their customers and in building consumer confidence in their product safety.

Bestlife have a QC team, every important processions will be check carefully.