Brand Loyalty

With wide and strong marketing channels occupation in China, like Samclub,VIP.COM,Baozhen,Zhaizeseng, No.1Nonglian, COFCO...We would like to be overseas' brand partner in a way of sole agency in China mainland market, make your brands come in our existing markets to realize the win-win cooperation.

what kind of work is for our international vendors and Chinese mainland customers? 

Why we care about the brand cooperation loyalty?

Select and import the local famous brand spices/foods condiment/flavor from South Asia countries and Italy and USA

1.pickle ash, pepper , five spices ,cumin powder 

2.caviar , barbeque sauce , tomato sauce , mustard , soy sauce, paprika, star anise , cinnamon, curry

3. Small mace seed, Pieces of Garlic, Black Pepper Sauce, White sesame grain, Mixing pepper

4. Mace powder, Indian pungent sachet, Cloves powder, Jamaica pepper, Salvia powder, Capsicum and mashed garlic sauce, Fragrant celery powder, Cinnamon powder, 

Italy vanilla powder, Lemon and pepper sauce

5. Leaf of dill, Leaf of rosemary, Occident cilantro, Thyme, Leaf of sweet perilla, Leaf of basil, Cilantro, Mixing vanilla, Mint laminaePepper, Curry, Chilli, Cheese, Fennel

Select and import the local famous and trustful brand house cleaning and body care products from overseas like USA ,German, Italy, Danmark,and Austrilia

1. all kinds of Eco-Laundry and detergent for clothes, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom...

2. Natural soap

3. Body care

Providing natural and healthy spices/foods condiment to our exsiting distributors/retailers in China

1. Zhongliang( Founded in 1949, a National shared leading supplier which has 2.3 million terminal sale points throughout China’s 952 large and medium-sized cities)

2. No.1 Nonglina( National shared APP shopping store-Online which coved more than 10,000 countries and villages)

3. Zhaizeseng (Local government shared App shopping-Online)

Providing eco-friendly and safe house cleaning products to our existing supermarkets in Shenzhen,Changsha,Chengdu, Zhenzhou,Wuhan

1. Baozhen (Guarantee) in Hainan(2800 Chinastores)

2. Samclub Supermarkets in China(6 Stores)

3. Meiyijia(7,400 chainstores)

4. Tianfu(2,830 chainstores)


Brand loyalty program is an effective marketing tool. Loyalty programs increase growth, help retain customers and improve your brands and company reputation. You may be missing out on one of the best and easiest tools available for the success of your business.

Brand loyalty is defined as positive feelings towards a brand and dedication to purchase the same products or services repeatedly now and in the future from the same brand, regardless of a competitors actions or changes in the environment. It can also be demonstrated with other behaviors such as positive word of mouth advocacy. Brand loyalty is where an individual buys products from the same manufacturer repeatedly rather than from other suppliers. Businesses whose value rests in a large part on their brand loyalty are said to use the loyalty business model.


A critical factor of building brand loyalty is developing a connection or relationship between the consumer and the brand. When an emotional relationship is created between the consumer and the brand this leads to a strong bond and a competitive advantage for that particular brand. Loyalty consists of both attitudinal and behavioural components. Attitudinal loyalty relates to the customers willingness to purchase product or service from the brand at any reasonable cost. Behavioural loyalty is the re-purchasing.